About Citizens Report


Our Mission

Prioritizing informed consumerism.

Citizens Report is a consumer watchdog hub. For more than a decade, Citizens Report has called for safer products, improved regulation and educated consumerism. We’re here promote informed decisions in the marketplace, publicize prominent health and safety risks and assist injured consumers with legal complaints.

Automotive Recalls

Manufacturers recall vehicles with safety-related complications, such as defective airbags, steering wheel malfunctions or break failures. While some are voluntary, others are issued by the Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Consumer Goods

Everyday products can pose serious health and personal safety risks. Consumer goods are items purchased for direct consumption or individual use, such as household appliances, cosmetics, cleaning products, furniture and electronics.


Prescription drugs come with a number of side effects, which are oftentimes hidden by manufacturers or misrepresented in safety data. Though some patients may be unaffected, others will develop life-threatening complications from common medications.

Medical Devices

Medical devices may have flaws in manufacturing that can cause fatal injuries, illustrated by adverse event data. Many devices are approved in an expedited safety review process, so complications may not be fully understood until after the device exists on the market.

Food Safety

Food production and distribution systems are subject to mistakes. Issues at manufacturing plants can contaminate food with dangerous viruses and bacterias, such as salmonella, norovirus, campylobacter and E. coli. Foodborne illnesses can be deadly.

Wellness + Health

Daily lifestyle choices can help or hurt consumers. Certain innovative diet, exercise and technology hacks can help protect individuals from serious and long-lasting health impacts and improve overall quality of life.